Heads House Of Music, Tampa, Florida

Our company was established in 1955 and was purchased by the present owners, Bill and Shirley Head, in 1970. Head's House of Music is a specialty house in choral, vocal, piano, and organ literature with a sampling of church instrumental and hand bell materials. Hundreds of reference copies are available in all areas for perusal. This is in addition to the thousands of titles carried in stock. Keyboards with headphones as well as a listening center are available to preview the music.

  • Choral Music 10% Discount* Plus Service
  •  (*Minimum 10 copies per title)
  • 14 Day "On Approval" Choral Service individually selected per your request
  • Large in-store stock & quick delivery
  • The latest releases from many publishers
  • Free Summer Choral Workshops with nationally renowned clinicians
  • Complete Sheet Music Service
  • Choral, Vocal, Piano Teaching Materials
  • Organ Service-Playing Materials
  • Church, School, and University Music Selections
  • Music Education Materials
  • Assortment of Choral CD's
  • Games and Gifts
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Heads House of Music
5507 N. Florida Ave
Tampa, FL, 33604
Phone: 800 783 8030 / 800 326 1199
Fax: 800 209 8661
Store Hours: 9:30AM - 4:30PM Tues-Sat
Click to contact us now http://www.headshouseofmusic.com